VPS Rental

VPR or Virtual Private Server redesigned for fast and easy use suitable for websites with heavy traffic and eCommerce site.

Virtual Private Server

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a high potential redesigned variation of web hosting service which is faster than mostly every hosting service. VPS gives user control over the service giving all permission, so it is available for programs or applications installation. Furthermore, VPS owner also own their private IP address. Meaning, it is not shared with anyone. Higher security also comes with VPS comparing to other hosting services. More importantly, in contrast of its high specs, it is cheaper than dedicated server rental. VPS is perfect for website with high traffic, loads of contents and uses of heaps of email communications, such as eCommerce site. With above reasons, VPS is one of the services for those who want to expand their website and need to find more space to handle the data communication in the future. Plus, using VPS can also rank your site higher on Google.
  • Accommodation site
  • Auction site
  • Real-Estate site
  • News site
  • Car rental site
  • Online movie site

VPS Rental Service Price

Yearly Rate. Upgradeable
/ Year
Unlimited data transfer
2 GB Memory
100 GB Storage
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/ Year
Unlimited data transfer
3 GB Memory
150 GB Storage
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/ Year
Unlimited data transfer
4 GB Memory
200 GB Storage
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the payment in yearly basis?

ใช่ เป็นค่าบริการรายปี

Can I increase the storage during the plan?

Can I increase the storage during the plan?

My domain is registered somewhere else, can I rent a hosting here?

ใช้ได้ เพียงแค่ชี้โดเมนมาที่ name server ของเราก็สามารถใช้บริการ Hosting ของเราได้

How can I transfer my data from my old website?

ติดต่อเจ้าหน้าที่ เรารับบริการย้ายเว็บให้ฟรี

Where is the server?

CAT data center

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