Privacy Policy

Communication with customers

Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd will only communicate with customers via phone and email. Phone conversation will be considered using before the email at all time. Hence, in case of email, the communication subject will always be clarified in the subject of the email.
If there is a need to contact us back, customers can use our website “Contact us”, call us by phone or reply the email. We will respond and contact back within 24 hours.

Collection of personal information

1. For conveniences of communication and providing better services, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. will collect and store your personal information such as email address, name, address, company address, ZIP code or phone number.

2. In case that customers signed up for membership for the use of services, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. will collect and store your additional personal information such as sex, age, preferences, favourites, interests and billing address.

3. For service development use, to increase our quality of service, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. will collect and store your information such are, IP address, browser type used, domain name, web page, access time and duration and referring website addresses.

4. Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. suggest that customers read and understand the websites linked from this website’s privacy policy as well to understand what and how your information is collected by those websites. Although, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. cannot guarantee the use of words or policies for those websites and will take no responsibility in the case of violation of privacy policy announced on those websites.

The use of personal information

1. Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd will only use customers’ personal information when necessary, for example the use of name and address for communication purposes such as informing about news, surveys and campaign related to Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd.
2. Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. will not use customers’ personal information to acquire profits from selling or publishing to any external sources, unless allowed by customers.
3. In case that Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. hire another party to perform any action that associate with the use of customers’ personal information such as, mailing, statistical analysis or events, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. will appoint the party to accept our privacy policy, to keep the information secret and not to use the information in other manners that is not required by Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd.

Security for personal information

To protect customer’s personal information, our website has implemented internal regulations that determine permissions of accessing or use the information. And to keep your important information secret, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. provide the security by using thawte’s Secure Socket Layer or SSL protocol

The use of Cookies

Cookies is the data that Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. send to search engine via customer’s web browser. Once cookies is installed in your system, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. will be able to collect and store your information for as long as you stayed on the search engine or until the cookies is deleted or blocked. Cookies allow users to explore with ease as it remembers your last visited sites. Therefore, Graphic Buffet Cp., Ltd. will used data stored in cookies for statistical analysis or event associated actions and service quality development of Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. The information we acquire are IP Addresses, browser types used, access time and referring websites.

Privacy Policy Amendment

Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. may amend its privacy policy without forewarning. Thus, the amendment will aim to improve service providing efficiency of Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. Therefore, Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. recommends reviewing our privacy policy every time customer visits or purchase our services. Graphic Buffet Co., Ltd. is willing to answer any question, complaint or recommendation customer or visitor may have in accord to the current privacy policy in which the question, complaint or recommendation will be used to help improve our service, communication and quality of work. Please use the “contact us” page to let us know about your questions.
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