LINE Sticker Design

LINE Sticker makes money. Put your stickers on the store now and reap away the profit. Also, it can also be used to promote your brand or organization. Use yourself or your cat as a model or design your own cartoon characters, your choice!

LINE Sticker Design Service

Still Sticker

LINE chat is full of loveliness. Make it lovelier by using your own character. Make it cheeky, cool or funny, it’s up to you. Send your still sticker to make the chat more fun.

Moving Sticker

Make it livelier with moving sticker. Imagine your sticker moving throughout the chat. How fun it could be. Make your own sticker a new way to say “sorry”, “thank you”, or “get lost”!

Sticker Design from Photos

Use a picture of yourself, mom, dad, your cat, or your neighbour’s cat, and introduce it to the world. Who knows you might be the next millionaire.

Our Works

Our LINE Sticker design and drawing service guarantees cuteness, cheekiness, curiousness, angriness, sadness, and any other feelings you want. Our professionals who have help put many successful LINE Stickers on store with years of experience are ready to help you put your passion on the store.

How to put Stickers on sale on LINE STORE

From registering to selling.
  • 1

    Register as Creator

    Fill in the necessary information

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  • 2

    Photo registration

    Fill in your sticker’s details and upload your pictures.

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  • 3

    Begin your sales

    Watch your graph goes skyrocket

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