LINE@ Admin Service

LINE@ is another channel that lets you communicate with the customers. It acts like one of your friend accounts in LINE application. Once added it can send direct message to the ‘friend’. Companies use LINE@ mainly for two purposes, advertising and customer service.

LINE@ Admin Service

Connect closely with your customers, sharing useful information and promotions. Faster and more direct to your friends. Let them catch up to you all the time.
  • Message to everyone 
  • 1-on-1 Chat 
  • Timeline 
  • Coupon and Promotion 
  • Questionnaire Page 
  • Statistics 

Private Chat

เTreat your friends like your family. Get closer with one-on-one chat. Make your customer feels at-home with stickers. Get to know their problems. Make impressions the way you can think of for your friends.

Send Messages Simultaneously

Killing two birds uses one stone. But infinite number of birds can be killed with one stone in LINE@. Sending information, news, interesting facts or giving customers discount coupons. We will need more cemeteries for those birds.


Reach further with Timeline. Posting your contents or throwing parties to gain more friends and purchase orders. Build trust in your brand and collect statistics via ‘Reaction system”. Compatible both on PC and Mobile.

LINE@ Admin Package

Flex your business with LINE platform where 42 million people are chatting. The application serves not only as your megaphone, but also a place where your friends can share their thoughts
InformationPackage APackage BPackage C

Timeline content post at least 1/day

Rich Message

Rich message contents creatio

4 โพสต์

8 โพสต์

12 โพสต์

Conduct events, creating coupon and manage promotions

ไม่เกิน 4 ชิ้น

ไม่เกิน 8 ชิ้น

ไม่เกิน 12 ชิ้น

Rich Message

Photo for rich message content

Prices (VAT included)




Why let us take care of your LINE@?

Brand promoting, event conducting, handing out coupons and creating of contents, these steps can be a headache if handled randomly. We are the expert in digital marketing, and LINE@ is one of our playgrounds. Let us handle your hard work and grow bigger together.

Premium ID Purchasing

Premium means privileges, and it is. Make your LINE@ account better than other LINE@ accounts. Get your LINE@ ID designed by you not just some random and hard-to-remember set of alphabets and numbers. It costs only 200THB / 11 months.
Promote LINE@

Gain more friend by posting on your existing channel.

Timeline Post

More like means more attractive

Premium ID
/ 11 months
Ask for Price Quote

What is Premium ID? 

You get to create your LINE@ ID instead of @xnp4827h. No more explanation needed. 

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