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Many successful businesses pinned their name or catchy phrases everywhere they advertise. Those where could be on the website, order confirmation email, sale tag and many more. This is considered the easiest way for brand building and the best way to not fail is to have an exclusive domain name.

Domain Name

Domain Name is the name for websites referenced everywhere on the internet. This let anyone search and find you on the internet (the address bar in your browser). At any rate, to let your website more traversed a memorable and cool name is a must for search engine to index your website in their database. Domain registration can be complex and full of paperwork. But, why worry? We are the experts remember? We can register you for any name (that is not taken) you can think of to make your name logically goes with your concept which the customer will remember it for their entire life. Taking your name and register for it is a very crucial move in digital marketing because once it is taken, it is taken. Nobody can have it.
  • Announce your rights
  • Money making
  • Protect your identity
  • Remembered by the world
  • Promote your shop
  • Build your brand

Domain Registration Prices

You cannot have a website without a domain name. The name defines the place or where they can get to you. Let us find ourselves a cosy place for everyone.
นามสกุล1 ปี3 ปี5 ปีนามสกุล1 ปี3 ปี5 ปี
Asset 13 1 Domain name450 บาท1320 บาท2150 บาทmobi Domain name950 บาท2750 บาท4550 บาท
Asset 4 Domain name450 บาท1320 บาท2150 บาทcc domain name logo Domain name1250 บาท3650 บาท6050 บาท
Asset 3 Domain name650 บาท1920 บาท3150 บาทtv domain name logo 2 Domain name1950 บาท5750 บาท9550 บาท
biz Domain name650 บาท1920 บาท3150 บาทasia Domain name650 บาท1920 บาท3150 บาท
Asset 6 Domain name650 บาท1920 บาท3150 บาทAsset 9 Domain name450 บาท1320 บาท2150 บาท
name domain name logo Domain name950 บาท2750 บาท4550 บาทAsset 8 Domain name450 บาท1320 บาท2150 บาท
Asset 1 Domain name950 บาท2750 บาท4550 บาทAsset 10 Domain name950 บาท2750 บาท4550 บาท
.co.th800 บาท2300 บาท3800 บาท.in.th400 บาท1190 บาท1980 บาท
.ac.th800 บาท2300 บาท3800 บาท.or.th800 บาท23003800
.go.th800 บาท2300 บาท3800 บาท.mi.th800 บาท23003800

Mask up Whois

Protect your domain privacy from the others. When someone took your domain name, Whois will hide your real identity and data, and instead display information of domain registration service provider.
Protect your data

Nobody knows your secret except us


Hinder spams and malwares from reaching your domain

Privacy Domain
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Privacy Domain  for customers who do not want their data to be exposed

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