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Graphic Buffet is equipped with all-in-one site building experts and advanced tools offering you the best design for website, e-commerce or business site. While our service doesn’t end at the deliver, back end support and tutorial is also included. And of course! No extras! It’s a Buffet!

Why Graphic Buffet?

Our service does not only look good on the front, but also on the back. Website design package also includes tools for business operation to help your website to be found and clicked on Google search engine! and other searching tools. Letting you be the first in line when it comes to advertising.

Website design by experts with years of experience. Graphic Buffet. One price rule them all.

Unlimited Edit Attempt

Boost your imagination to its fullest. No limitation. It’s a buffet. Keep asking for more!

Easy Backend Interface

Don’t know HTML? Java? We got it covered! Your site will be installed with user friendly tools for editing.


Go nowhere else! We have everything you’re looking for from front to back.


After-Sales Service

Do not afraid of asking for help. We will always be here for you. No extra charge.

We are your Shoes

Put us on and we will carry you there. We study our customer’s business like our own, develop and make sure that thing goes right.

Put Your Design to Use

Beauty isn’t just for show, it must work! We make sure that our designs are useful in many ways.

Website Design Packages

Feel free to ask for advices, it free! Let us grow and expand together.
One-Man Show
2 Banners
9 Page Designs
10 Products with details
More Information
Share Holder
6 Banners
9 Page Designs
30 Products with details
6 Articles
More Information
Team Benefits
4 Banners
9 Page Designs
20 Products and details
3 Articles
More Information
tesco lotus
Western Property
กรุงไทย แอกซ่า
jason fitness

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